Personal info of US law enforcement agents published following hack

The official website ( of the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail has been attacked by a hacker that goes by the handle of “Exphin1ty” who claims to be a member of Anonymous.

The attack resulted in the temporary suspension of the website and the publication of names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of over 2,400 law enforcement officers and retail loss prevention professionals, as well as their job titles, the names of the agencies and businesses they work for and the passwords (in hashed form) for their accounts on the site.

“This fun little database dump includes hashed passwords, physical and email addresses, phone numbers etc. of many military, law enforcement officers, large corporations such as Microsoft, federal agents & security companies,” wrote Exphin1ty in the Pastebin post announcing the hack.

“Many of the users reuse their passwords elsewhere, so we encourage all of our lulz loving friends to deface & leak their twitters, facebooks and private email accounts as well as spreading their d0xes far and wide across the internet ocean,” he added.

As one of the reasons for the breach and the dumping of the database the hacker mentions “the American law enforcement’s inhumane treatments of occupiers” and, according to the Office of Inadequate Security, it seems that some “lulz loving friends” have already taken advantage of the shared data to access a police department’s e-mail.

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