First free credit monitoring service

Credit Karma became the first company to offer free credit monitoring to all U.S. consumers. The new feature will monitor a consumer’s credit file on a daily basis and alert the member when a significant change occurs.

Here’s how it works:

  • A consumer enrolls at Registration is free and takes less than two minutes.
  • monitors the consumer’s credit report for free on a daily basis.
  • A significant change occurs in their credit file, such as a new credit inquiry, a delinquent payment or improved payment history.
  • notes the new activity and emails the user a credit alert, letting them know about the important change.

In addition to actively monitoring a person’s credit, will keep a running list of important credit changes over time, including a person’s credit alerts, credit score history, payment history and debts, making it easy for consumers to track or reference in the future.

“Consumers can stay on top of their credit and protect themselves from identity theft and credit reporting errors without being charged a monthly fee,” said Ken Lin, CEO of “Our goal at is to provide easy access to a person’s own credit information and empower them with the timeliest information on their financial health.”


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