Intelligent information governance from Symantec

In order to enable organizations to better protect their information, establish retention policies and streamline their eDiscovery process, Symantec announced its plans for increased integration between its storage and eDiscovery offerings.

Additionally, Symantec has acquired LiveOffice, a privately-held cloud-based archiving leader, for a purchase price of approximately $115 million. This acquisition deepens the company’s commitment to provide the most comprehensive and innovative archiving, compliance and eDiscovery solutions delivered on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

Symantec’s intelligent information governance solutions provide organizations with the technology needed to reduce the risks related to eDiscovery and compliance, and allow them to consolidate previously discrete portions of IT operations.

Symantec provides federated search and a common classification engine across critical data sources, bringing context and relevance to information so organizations can find what they need, when they need it, and appropriately enforce policies and controls. Additionally, the ability to centrally manage security, information retention and eDiscovery functions reduces operational expenses and training costs.

Adding an information archive is one of the simplest steps an organization can take to improve its information governance. With an archive, organizations can systematically index, classify and retain information and thus establish a proactive approach to eDiscovery.

Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform is expected to have the only collector certified by Symantec to collect directly from Symantec Enterprise Vault. This can allow users to collect content at scale from Enterprise Vault in the same manner they collect from other data sources over the network using the collection management console, accelerating collections and avoiding archive performance degradation.

Additionally, by leveraging Enterprise Vault’s existing index and Data Classification Services tags, users can perform targeted collections by providing metadata and keyword filters, specifying collection criteria via a simple point-and-click interface. Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform also is expected to be able to preserve archived information in Symantec Enterprise Vault in place, thereby reducing risk and streamlining the eDiscovery process.

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