Keeping on top of financial malware

A lot of people are apprehensive about buying things and accessing their bank accounts online. It is an understandable fear, especially when one is aware that it takes just a moment of carelessness or lack of concentration to make a wrong step.

There are many things users can do to drastically lower the risk of falling for various online scams. Among the most effective ones it to make the effort of keeping themselves informed about the ever changing schemes and techniques employed by cyber crooks at any given time.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference Europe 2011, Trusteer’s Jack Blockley talks about new developments in financial malware and new attack vectors – especially the different variations on phishing.

So do yourself a favor and update your knowledge, as well as that of people you care about by sending them the link.

Listen to the podcast here.

Jack Blockley is the Managing Director of Trusteer’s UK and Middle East operation.

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