Strong network security in the cloud

CloudPassage unveiled Halo NetSec, an automated solution that provides advanced network access control for servers running in public clouds including Rackspace and Amazon EC2.

“Cloud computing has ushered in a new set of security risks and challenges that are not addressed at the IaaS level, and traditional firewall defenses do not adequately translate into the cloud,” said Andrew Hay, senior security analyst for 451 Research. “A host-based server security solution designed specifically for cloud environments picks up where the IaaS leaves off, providing organizations with the scalable security they need to consider when migrating traditional on-premise systems to the cloud.”

Companies running servers in the public cloud demand a simple network security solution to close the gap between security/compliance requirements and the limited network security features included by cloud providers.

A recent CloudPassage survey of IT managers revealed the lack of perimeter defenses in the public cloud is a critical issue, with 45 percent indicating it’s their top cloud security concern. Halo NetSec was purpose-built to address these concerns with centralized host-based firewall management, dynamic two-factor authentication and a powerful REST API for sophisticated automation.

Halo NetSec is a premium Halo package that offers cloud-ready firewall protection for an unlimited number of servers and includes GhostPorts, a feature that secures remote network access through multi-factor authentication. Users also benefit from access to a powerful REST API for simple integration with other systems and professional support.

The Halo NetSec package is part of CloudPassage Halo, the cloud security platform, purpose-built to bridge the gap between traditional data center security and protection of dynamic cloud environments. It addresses cloud security needs through firewall automation, vulnerability management, security, server account management and intrusion detection. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Halo requires no hardware, complex deployment or special expertise.

Halo NetSec is now available on a utility basis at the rate of 3.5 cents per server-hour. Volume discounts are automatically applied as usage increases, and additional discounts are available with monthly minimum usage commitments.

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