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Abine released Do Not Track Plus (DNT+), a tool that makes it easy for anyone to see when they’re being tracked online and stop being profiled by social networks, large advertisers, and data collection companies, including Google and Facebook.

Once installed, DNT+ blocks hundreds of trackers that collect, use, and sell consumers’ personal information. The tool works seamlessly with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It blocks tracking across hundreds of websites, including those with whom consumers share most of their personal information.

DNT+ can speed up website loading by up to four times, and allows consumers to see who is tracking them on each website they visit with a simple numbered icon in the corner of their browser window.

Consumers can elect to block or allow the tracking at the individual website level. By doing so, consumers regain control of information while shopping, playing games, socializing, and more, and prevent real problems that can occur from profiling such as identity theft, reduced credit score ratings, and loss of employment.

The average web user is tracked by more than 100 technologies every day. By using DNT+, they can:

  • Stop advertisers from knowing everything they do online, including site visits, shopping interests, hobbies, clicks, and geographic location
  • See how they’re being tracked on millions of websites
  • Block a growing list of 580 different tracking technologies and more than 200 tracking companies
  • Improve web page load times by up to 4x
  • Block social tracking while still being able to voluntarily use social-sharing buttons, a feature that’s exclusive to DNT+
  • Keep a running count of who’s tracking them with DNT+’s block counter
  • Browse in true privacy, far beyond what built-in “private browsing modes” offer.
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