Webroot delivers endpoint protection

The security landscape has changed and traditional signature-based software can’t keep up. A recent study of IT decision makers found an overwhelming 95 per cent experienced an endpoint-based attack last year. Frustrated by traditional security solutions that consistently fail to protect them and require too much time and resources to adequately maintain, many IT managers have resorted to allocating budget for cleaning up the aftermath of attacks.

Webroot introduced SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection that delivers the full spectrum of security, including detection of all types of known malware and advanced persistent threats, identity and privacy protection, firewall, and system cleanup. IT administrators no longer need spend time and resources managing these functions disparately. They can now holistically and effectively protect their entire organisation at less cost.

The solution never requires security updates or signature database downloads which eat network bandwidth and leave users exposed. Webroot analyses every file that tries to run on a computer in the cloud. When a new threat is identified, every Webroot customer is protected within seconds.

Key security features:

  • Behavior-based threat analysis: Eliminates the need for signatures, minimises the window of vulnerability.
  • Webroot Intelligence Network A cloud-based infrastructure that delivers a faster response to new threats than ever before. Once a threat is detected, every endpoint on the network is protected.
  • Offline protection: Includes protection for machines when they’re offline, whether inside or outside the corporate firewall.
  • Journaling and roll-back: Proactively monitors any change made to an endpoint by a malicious file and rolls the system back to the safe state, eliminating the need for re-imaging machines.
  • Cloud-based firewall: Augments the Microsoft Windows firewall; protects against “phone home” attacks and ensures only policy-approved applications communicate with the network.
  • Identity and Privacy Shield: Hardens the OS and browser to prevent loss of intellectual property through hijacks, key-loggers, and screen-scrapers.

Key management features:

  • Centralized endpoint management console: Ideal for dispersed organisations. Administrators can remotely execute commands such as scanning, killing un-trusted processes, rebooting, or running a script, on any endpoint.
  • Centralized policy control: Remotely set application and Web usage policies at the individual, group or companywide level.
  • System cleaner: Gives IT an alternative to reimaging as a first response.
  • Remote deployment tool: Installs the product across every endpoint on the network. Typical installation time is less than 6 seconds.
  • Won’t conflict with other security solutions: No need to uninstall existing security products to trial or deploy it. Can be used standalone or as a second layer of protection.

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