Automated encryption for cloud storage

Sophos announced the latest version of its data protection solution, SafeGuard Enterprise, which offers the industry’s first enterprise cloud encryption capabilities, protecting critical data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

SafeGuard Encryption for Cloud Storage automatically encrypts files uploaded to the cloud from any managed endpoint. This simple process requires little more than choosing a password, which allows secure file access from anywhere – thereby improving collaboration and increasing productivity.

Data protection is more than stopping sensitive files from being leaked by unauthorized users. IT staff typically have access to every file on the network, which is both daunting and stressful, especially in the event of data breaches or other malicious activities. With SafeGuard Encryption for File Share, this stress is alleviated, as only privileged users have access to sensitive data.

SafeGuard FileShares uses central keys to give access to files for authorized users or groups, while keeping these files encrypted for everyone else. More importantly, SafeGuard ensures that all files remain encrypted regardless if copied or moved to another drive, network or device.

As the roaming workforce increases, so does the need to access data on the go. However, sensitive data that is available via mobile devices is not always encrypted. Safeguard Enterprise changes that with seamless integration between the cloud and mobile devices.

The Sophos Mobile Encryption App works in conjunction with SafeGuard Encryption for Cloud Storage. Users encrypt their data using the SafeGuard Encryption for Cloud Storage and this data is available via smart phones and tablets to authorized users irrespective of location.

According to the (November 2011) Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey, 61 percent of respondents will be using or evaluating cloud services within the next year. This will be a mix of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. However, 52 percent of organizations said they haven’t implemented controls to mitigate data risk in the cloud.

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