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Once again, the Innovation Sandbox proved to be one of the most interesting events at RSA Conference 2012, as ten creative companies got a moment in the spotlight to present their newly developed technologies to over a couple of hundreds of interested conference goers.

The companies were chosen from out of more than 50 submissions and after an informal talk with one of the judges, this year’s competition was fierce.

The Innovation Sandbox started with the representatives of these ten companies having their five minutes on the stage to introduce their concepts. Cloud security was the hot topic, as half of the companies presented offerings in this arena.

After the presentations and a Q&A with the judges, the audience swarmed the booths in order to see detailed demos of the products in question. The turnaround was impressive and it was really tough to get a 1-on-1 with almost anyone from the exhibiting parties.

The winner of this year’s title of the most innovative company at RSA Conference 2012 was Appthority. With their flagship product, the Appthority Platform, businesses can protect themselves against risks lurking behind mobile apps, including known and new malware used in targeted attacks, corporate data exfiltration, and intellectual property exposure.

We have talked with most of these companies, and here are three brief recordings with a some of them:

Mark Risher, CEO of Impermium, a company combating spam, fraud and abuse on the social web.

Listen to the podcast here.
Paul Judge, Chairman of Pindrop Security, experts in detecting fraudulent phone calls and verifying the caller’s identity.


Rand Wacker, VP of Product Management at CloudPassage, the company behind Halo, the technology built to secure virtual servers in highly dynamic public, private and hybrid cloud hosting environment.

Listen to the podcast here.

Apart from the companies already mentioned in this article, here is a list of other participants in the Innovation Sandbox 2012:

Content Raven
Content Raven is an end-to-end digital content delivery platform. Content Raven’s sole mission is to protect critical intellectual property and confidential digital content to reduce risk, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Dome9 Security
Dome9 automates cloud firewall security management across hosting and cloud providers. It centrally manages security policy for servers hosted in more than one cloud. Policy is automatically applied as more servers are added, ensuring all new servers are secured. Dome9 is available for enterprises and hosting providers.

ionGrid Nexus is a client/server app that is easy to deploy over corporate networks and on end- user tablets, delivering secure mobile document management solutions for iPad and ensuring IT security policies are preserved at the file level. Powered by ionGrid’s secure streaming technology, Nexus delivers a sophisticated UI with sleek navigation for a native iPad experience that enables users to easily view, annotate and present precision-rendered documents.

MokaFive BareMetal is a client hypervisor that installs directly onto the bare metal of users’ machines, provides unparalleled performance, iron-clad security and control over every aspect of the desktop software stack. MokaFive offers client hypervisor solutions that can install on Macs, Windows and baremetal hardware, providing the most complete desktop management solution available on the market.

Sonatype Insight is a suite of software products and information services for ensuring the integrity of open-source components in the software supply chain and throughout the enterprise. Sonatype Insight enables organizations to benefit from the economic and development efficiencies of open source without quality, security or licensing risks.

Sumo Logic
Delivered as a cloud-based service, Sumo Logic helps businesses uncover new operational and security insights buried in their log files by automating and eliminating the overhead of managing the complex infrastructures of on-premise solutions.

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