Cloud-based security with embedded wireless access

Cybera announced the Cybera ONE Platform now delivers its full suite of cloud-based security services, as well as remote backup and recovery, over high-speed wireless 3G and 4G connections.

Cybera ONE delivers all the important network security services – including managed Firewall, Wireless IDS, Virtual Private Network and security information and event management – in a single cloud-based solution at a fixed annual cost, and it is now the first solution to combine perimeter defense and cloud-based security services with embedded 3G and 4G for either primary or secondary access.

Until now, enterprises have been forced to deploy multiple devices at each business location to deliver all of their networking, security and 3G or 4G wireless access services. By embedding the wireless module into the SCA-315, Cybera ONE eliminates the need for businesses to buy and deploy expensive on-premise security and wireless access equipment from multiple vendors.

It’s new capabilities provide:

  • High-speed wireless service as Primary access, eliminating the need for DSL, T1, satellite or cable broadband services;
  • Self-installation and fast service provisioning, enabling businesses to be connected and operational in hours not days;
  • Fast failover and seamless failover/failback from multiple access mediums to achieve maximum operational uptime;
  • Replacement of insecure external 3G/4G modems such as USB sticks, complicated external 3G/4G routers, cumbersome antenna cabling, unreliable satellite connectivity and expensive dial-up services.

As more applications migrate to the cloud, secure and reliable connectivity from the remote environment is more important than ever. With Cybera ONE’s cellular backup, network connectivity is maintained even when the primary connection is unavailable, making fraudulent transactions during times of network unavailability less likely to occur.

If a customer’s primary connectivity (DSL, MPLS, Cable Modem, etc.) fails, the SCA-315 will automatically failover to the embedded wireless connection. Mission critical applications such as payment processing or loyalty solutions will continue to work so business is not lost and customers do not have a poor experience. The SCA-315 automatically switches back to the primary connectivity when it is restored.

Cybera also announced the platform has been certified by a leading wireless service provider on their nationwide network, with additional certifications pending.

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