ManTech acquires HBGary

ManTech International, a provider of technologies and solutions for the US intelligence and defense community and various other federal government agencies, has announced that it has bought HBGary.

“The transaction, structured as an asset purchase and subject to certain closing conditions, is expected to be completed in March,” the press release says. “[HBGary] will be an integral part of ManTech’s broad cyber security offering.”

No other details about the transactions have been shared.

HBGary has had a rough year – last February its systems were breached by Anonymous following former HBGary Federal’s COO Aaron Barr’s claim that he discovered the identities of the groups’ leaders through the use of social networks.

The two firms have had their reputations severely damaged by the hack, and is likely that this deal is, at least in part, a consequence of it.

The press release does not, of course, mention any of it.

“ManTech will give HBGary significant and positive growth, expanding our opportunities,” said HBGary CEO Greg Hoglund. “HBGary’s commercial customers will benefit from the addition of ManTech’s world-class incident response services, and ManTech’s government business will be bolstered with a cutting edge set of products to protect mission-critical IT assets.”


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