Big data solution for network traffic

Bivio NetFalcon is the first big data solution for network traffic that performs real-time analytics on long-term, large scale records of network communications.

Currently sold to and deployed by law enforcement agencies, government agencies and telecom operators, the product has been successfully installed in a variety of cyber security and intelligence applications around the world, enabling cyber security professionals to “look back in time” in their networks.

With the proliferation of headline-grabbing cyber attacks and cyber threats, network security professionals have recognized that real-time detection and protection must be complemented by offline collection and analysis of data.

To date, offline technologies have focused either on machine-to-machine data or small scale network activity utilizing packet capture technologies. Bivio NetFalcon fills in the “coverage gap” by providing a solution for collecting and analyzing long-term, large scale network activity.

Built to scale at every level, the system supports a complete range of networks – from enterprise to nationwide telecom networks – managing aggregate throughputs of up to hundreds of gigabits per second and timescales of months and years. Utilizing patent-pending technologies, the system performs real-time multi-source correlation of network activity data, resulting in a contextualized view of network activity history.

These techniques dramatically shorten the time it takes to locate actionable information. Queries performed on legacy systems that typically take hours and days to complete are retrieved instantaneously on Bivio NetFalcon.

The result is a view of long-term network activity, enabling users to enhance the security of their organizations by conducting incident response, threat detection, event attribution and compliance investigations within their networks.

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