Windows file protection with instant recovery

Condusiv Technologies launched Undelete 10, real time data protection and instant data recovery.

The Server, Professional and Client editions of Undelete let you see the contents of Recovery Bins on remote computers like file servers, allowing IT or users to recover their deleted files across the network with a single click of a button. It’s no longer necessary to search backup tapes or Windows Shadow copies when a user accidentally deletes a file from the server.

Undelete can also restore files previously purged from the Recycle Bin or the Undelete Recovery Bin – even if they were deleted before Undelete was installed.

When a file is deleted, it is automatically captured and stored in the Undelete Recovery Bin. Undelete 10 captures all the files the Windows Recycle Bin misses, such as those deleted from shared network folders, deleted from commonly used applications, deleted by the Windows command prompt, or replaced when newer versions of a file are saved. Also, if a file is modified several times between a backup or shadow copy, it will not be saved. With Undelete, these file versions will be saved and are recoverable.

Undelete 10 features:

  • One-button Search for Recent Files, which allows the user to locate a file deleted within a 24-hour period or one week period with one click
  • New Search Wizard, a single pane view that provides fast and easy way to find a lost file
  • New User Interface for ease of use, quality of experience
  • Undelete 10 Server – Protects server files including those deleted by network clients from a centralised management console
  • Undelete 10 Desktop Client – Allows connected laptops, workstations and VMs to recover their own files from remote Undelete 10 Server recovery bins
  • Undelete 10 Professional – Protects locally stored files and allows files to be recovered from remote Undelete Server recovery bins
  • Undelete 10 Home – Provides comprehensive protection of locally stored files.

“IT Directors and System Administrators recognise the potential danger of data loss and data threat,” said Paul Raphael, EVP of Technology for Condusiv. “Identifying the cost of continuing without the data, recreating the data or notifying customers of a compromise and the time loss associated with lost data is unacceptable in today’s business environment. The need for the most advanced and reliable protection to assure enterprise productivity is of the highest importance”.

Condusiv Undelete 10 “Set it and Forget It” file recovery system runs on all Windows platforms, including those on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Undelete 10 Server, Professional and Home Editions support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and Windows 7.

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