BS 25999-2: An overview of BCM implementation process

While many business continuity methodologies exist for more than 20 years, none of them have really managed to include business continuity in regular management duties – this is probably why BS 25999-2 is emerging more and more as a leading business continuity standard worldwide.

It fits perfectly together with ISO 27001 (the leading information security management standard) which defines that business continuity management is one of the controls aimed to protect critical information, however it does not provide the details how to do it. BS 25999-2 is the best solution for that gap – it defines requirements not only on how to write business continuity plans, but also business impact analysis, business continuity strategy etc.

Since BS 25999-2 takes into account the whole management lifecycle, you can use it as a perfect framework not only to define the whole BCM project from the beginning to the end, but also to explain to your management what is their role and what are the benefits of using it.

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  • BS 25999 family of standards – for what purpose should each standard be used
  • 14 steps towards BS 25999 certification
  • Mandatory documents required by the standard
  • How to get the management buy-in
  • Certification – benefits of getting certified.

This interactive live online training is designed to enable you to walk away with knowledge on how to fit BS 25999-2 as the main framework for business continuity management in your organization.

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