Appliance for large-scale surveillance environments

Pivot3 announced the expansion of its vSTAC Watch product line with the introduction of the vSTAC Watch Enterprise, an enterprise-class Serverless Computing solution that offers a new set of centralized server management tools to help end users and resellers manage large surveillance systems.

The vSTAC Watch Enterprise allows customers to centrally monitor the health and performance of recording servers to dynamically move recording applications, such as video management software, across physical servers for load-balancing or maintenance.

This approach automatically optimizes recording server resources, and initiates failover recovery across servers. Combined with Pivot3’s centralized storage administration, the new server management tools are ideally suited for large-scale installations typical of government, transportation and gaming surveillance environments.

“Modern surveillance systems rival the complexity of IT installations in both server and storage resources, making it appropriate that we tailor management tools to simplify and automate the operation of these sophisticated systems for surveillance directors,” said Lee Caswell, Founder and CSO, Pivot3. “The reality is that surveillance users are managing petabytes of storage and virtual servers with roughly one-quarter of the management staff of their IT counterparts. Pivot3 aims to make that an easier responsibility as the expectations for video protection rise to IT levels.”

The vSTAC Watch Enterprise is an open system appliance that runs third-party video management software and provides highly reliable scale-out storage for video capture and playback. The platform automates storage management so that storage is aggregated, protected and managed logically across appliances when stacked together.

In addition, the vSTAC Watch Enterprise seamlessly integrates and ships with VMware vSphere, providing enterprise level recording server manageability through a rich set of VMware tools including vMotion, High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and vCenter Server.


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