File transfer with end-to-end encryption

Steganos Software announced Elefile – a secure web-based file transfer solution that can be used on any computer or laptop without installing software.

Created for situations in which users need to send a file that’s too large for an e-mail attachment yet also desire file security, Elefile enables them to do both by simply signing up for a free account.

Upon doing so, users enter the sender’s and recipient’s e-mail addresses, select the file to be sent, check the box if they’d like the file to be protected with 128-bit AES encryption (requires users to select a password to be shared with recipient), opt whether to add a subject line and message, and hit “send.”

The recipient simply needs to enter the password that the sender selected in order to download and decrypt the file. The file can be downloaded up to three times and is available for seven days before deletion.

Users can transmit a file of up to 2 GB via Elefile if the AES encryption option is not selected. In that case, the file will still be uploaded using a secure SSL connection and will be encrypted on Steganos’ servers.

If the encryption option is indeed selected, users can send a file of up to 150 MB. It will be encrypted locally on the user’s computer and will remain protected until decrypted by the recipient entering the correct password.

At present, users can send a file to a single recipient, though the download link can be forwarded by the recipient to others and downloaded a total of three times.

During its pilot phase, Elefile will be free to use for the general public. As additional functionality is added over coming months, certain functions and features will require a fee.

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