Mobile app protection to iPhone and iPad

Mocana introduced its latest version of MAP, which brings security to iOS apps. MAP 2.0 simplifies, automates and secures mobile app management for enterprise IT and the employees, partners and customers they serve.

MAP 2.0 uses technology that enables enterprise IT to “wrap” new layers of security into Android or iPhone apps, without requiring app source code access, without the need to write any code, and without negatively impacting performance, battery life or app usability.

With MAP, enterprise IT administrators can add new security features to apps “born without them.” Once wrapped by MAP, apps maintain their new security behaviors wherever they are deployed, whether they reside on company-, employee- or consumer-owned devices.

MAP 2.0 is different from enterprise mobile management solutions currently on the market, which are focused on whitelisting, blacklisting or determining who should have access to certain apps. MAP 2.0 is a Mobile Application Security (MAS) solution that is focused on securing the app itself and the data it works with.

Beyond support for Apple iOS, Mocana MAP 2.0 incorporates enterprise-proven capabilities that help prevent loss of sensitive corporate data by controlling who can access enterprise apps and when they can be used:

  • For any enterprise mobile app – iOS or Android – data-at-rest automatically can be encrypted with FIPS 140-2 level 1 security, even if the app did not originally have any security built into it.
  • Enterprise IT can put any app behind its own passphrase authentication prompt, allowing access only to authorized users.
  • Secure cut, copy and paste ensures that data can be shared only within the secured app itself, and not to unsecure portions of the device.
  • Individual apps can create separate app-level VPN tunnels back to their enterprise gateways, with custom levels of security for each app. MAP 2.0’s IPSec-based VPN client enables apps to connect to almost any VPN server on the market.
  • The extensible Mocana MAP architecture allows for the addition of new policies, like those based on location and motion of the mobile device, as well as date or time of day. Thus, enterprises can enable apps only during business hours, or shut them down whenever a device is in motion or outside a specific geographical area, such as the corporate campus.

“When enterprises want to go beyond delivering simple email services to smartphones, they quickly realize that more than a mobile device security management strategy is required,” said Eric Ahlm, research director at Gartner. “Savvy organizations are realizing that securing the app and information — rather than the device — allows for deployment of more apps to more devices, especially to those devices your organization doesn’t own.”

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