Identity as a Service platform for cloud service providers

Symplified announced Symplified Structure which enables telcos, cloud service providers, cloud application brokers, and cloud application hosting companies to seamlessly integrate identity and access management (IAM) across their suite of cloud services.

Symplified Structure is an instantiation of Symplified’s core platform that unifies identity management, access control, auditing, and user provisioning across existing public/private cloud services and SaaS marketplaces.

This fully embedded offering also allows service providers to deliver the convenience of SSO from any device to support the skyrocketing use of BYOD within enterprises.

For service providers

1. Instant entry into fastest growing cloud infrastructure market.

2. Proven IAM technology and operational expertise currently in use by leading security and cloud service providers.

3. White label option for consistent branding and cross selling of cloud services.

4. New revenue streams from cloud IAM capabilities and cloud-enabling storage, integration and infrastructure apps.

5. Unifies access management for bundling multiple a portfolio of cloud apps.

6. Complete set of APIs that simplify complexity of building identity aware applications.

For end users

1. Provides a unified user experience with SSO and identity federation across all applications.

2. Centralizes identity and user management through synchronization with on-premises and cloud identity data stores including Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, Google,, Facebook and more.

3. Combines policy-based provisioning with delegated and self-service administration capabilities to automate account management for hundreds, thousands, and even millions of users.

4. Meets audit and control requirements for customers subject to regulatory compliance mandates such as HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.

5. Provides strong authentication that can be applied per application and when insecure access device or network is detected.

6. Supports end customers’ employees, business partners, and customers on any device, including mobile phones and tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and Android devices, etc.)

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