ForeScout and Fiberlink fortify mobile security

ForeScout and Fiberlink announced a partnership to deliver an integrated MDM and NAC offering. The new product, ForeScout MDM powered by MaaS360, combines cloud-based mobile device management services, device support and unified security control.

As recommended by Gartner, NAC provides one of the most flexible approaches to securely support BYOD. Other technologies, such as MDM and HVD, will be used to complement NAC, particularly by enterprises that adopt an embrace strategy.

Most organizations should start with a contain strategy and use NAC policies to isolate personally owned mobile devices in a limited access zone, where they may access a subset of applications and data. In enterprises that aspire to an embrace BYOD strategy, network security managers should work jointly with IT counterparts to develop NAC policies that complement mobile device strategies.

MaaS360 provides enterprises with:

  • Security automation to dynamically detect unmanaged devices, such as iPads, iPhones and Androids, on the network in real-time and apply controls which range from block, register as guest, segregate and initiate hosted virtual desktop (HVD) session to full MDM enrolment and on-demand device policy inspection.
  • Automated installation of MaaS360’s MDM agent by directing users with unmanaged devices through a self-enrolment process.
  • Over-the-air device configuration and corporate app catalog management to provision access to corporate email, WiFi, VPN and applications.
  • Enforcement of passcode policies and strong encryption keys to protect data on mobile devices.
  • Mobile application blacklisting, minimum OS level verification and device feature restrictions.
  • The ability to remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices.
  • Compliance rules engine, at the device and network level, with automated responses for defined events and contextual changes.
  • Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) through sandboxing, preventing administrative access, disabling app inventory outside of corporate app catalog and deactivating location services.
  • Unified visibility, control and compliance reporting for all mobile endpoint devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops through the CounterACT platform.
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