World’s first secure private mobile carrier

New revelations about abuses by social networks and search giants are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to security threats today.

Not only are these organizations allegedly capturing emails, passwords, text messages, and facial recognition data, but some have also the ability to remotely monitor cell phones and activate webcams. At the same time hacking, corporate espionage, kidnapping and extortion are on the increase.

Governments, militaries, secret agencies and corporations all need to be employing higher grade voice and data protection for their agents and executives, as do entrepreneurs with new startups and wealthy citizens.

Without a top-of-the-line level of protection it is all too easy for sensitive information to be intercepted, from government secrets to personal information about executives and their families, as well as specifics on individual’s whereabouts and the movements and storage of goods and valuable information.

In a recent interview Noam Copel, CEO of the Gold Line Group, revealed that “over 60% of security related governmental agencies are still using non-encrypted forms of communications, including mobile phones, email and internet phone services such as Skype, leaving what should be top secret information open to any prying eyes and ears who care to find out what they are talking about”.

Gold Line Group appears to be the first company to have developed a completely secure carrier grade switch. A bold claim, but the firm still holds $250,000 in unclaimed gold that was put up as a reward for any hackers, spies or intelligence agencies which could decipher a message encrypted by Gold Lock’s mobile encryption. After attempts by over 5,000 individuals and groups, the challenge ended with none of them able to break the code.

This has made the firm’s Gold Lock 3G product, which is used by intelligence agencies, military branches and high profile corporations all over the planet, one of the most sought after encryption and privacy tools worldwide.

The newly developed Gold Lock Secure Switch is a highly versatile and easily adaptable security system, allowing users to create their own private mobile network, which can either be hosted in the cloud or physically on site. The Gold Lock Secure Switch supports encryption for voice, text, and SMS, as well as file transfers, and is compatible with Nokia, RIM (BlackBerry), Android, iPhones, Windows powered computers, desk phones, and PBXs.

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