Check Point releases new DDoS Protector appliances

Check Point introduced a new line of security appliances designed to fight DDoS attacks. The DDoS Protector appliances deliver multi-layered protection and up to 12 Gbps of throughput to help businesses stop and defend against the widest range of DDoS attacks.

These appliances safeguard organizations by blocking all major attack types such as network floods, server floods, application layer DoS attacks, as well as low-and-slow attacks.

The new product line provides customers with multi-layered protections that employ a variety of advanced detection and mitigation techniques, including:

Network and traffic flood protections

  • Behavioral DoS—Protects against TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP and Fragment DDoS attacks with adaptive behavioral based detection.
  • DoS Shield—Protects against known DDoS attack tools with pre-defined and customized filters to block rate-limits per pattern.
  • SYN Protection—Blocks SYN-spoofed DoS with SYN rate thresholds per protected servers.
  • Black List—Blocks generic attacks with L3 and L4 source-destination classifications and expiration rules.
  • Connection Rate Limit—Blocks generic, non-supported protocols (non DNS, HTTP) and application level flood attacks with rate-based thresholds.

Application based DDoS protections

  • SYN Protection with Web Challenge—Protects against HTTP connection-based DoS attacks with SYN rate threshold per protected server.
  • Behavioral DNS Protections—Block DNS query DoS attacks with DNS adaptive behavioral based detection using DNS footprint blocking rate limits and DNS challenge and response.
  • Behavioral HTTP Protections (The “HTTP Mitigator”)—Blocks HTTP connection-based DoS attacks and upstream HTTP bandwidth attacks with server-based HTTP adaptive behavioral detection, HTTP footprint with web challenge.

Directed application DoS/DDoS protections

  • These repel DoS and DDoS attacks that require special filtering criteria. Flexible filtering definitions search for specific content patterns in each packet, and can analyze and block ongoing attacks by defining on-the-fly protections.

The DDoS Protector appliance sits in front of an organization’s perimeter gateway and cleans the traffic from DDoS attacks before it reaches the main security gateway.

The appliances are integrated with the Check Point management suite to deliver a single point of control over security and provide full visibility of security events. With Check Point SmartEvent, SmartLog and SmartViewTracker, customers benefit from current and historic views of an organization’s overall network security and DDoS attack status.

“The DDoS Protector appliance line marks our entrance into a new and critical area of network security,” said Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point Software Technologies. “As the prevalence of DDoS attacks on enterprises continues to rise, it’s important to enable our customers to protect themselves and mitigate one of the biggest security risks across today’s threat landscape. Check Point DDoS Protector appliances protect organizations with an additional layer of security to stop DoS attacks in their tracks.”

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