Virtualized application delivery appliances from Array Networks

Array Networks announced its new APV 800 Series multi-tenant virtualized application delivery appliances and vAPV soft-ADCs. Powered by Array’s 64-bit SpeedCore platform, these new products give users the ability to run multiple instances of Array APV Series application delivery controllers on Array’s purpose-built hardware appliances or as virtual machines on commodity servers running VMware ESXi or Citrix’s XenServer hypervisors.

APV 800 Series virtualized appliances are defined by their ability to support multiple high-performance vAPV application delivery controller instances. For example, on an appliance running 5 independent instances, each instance can support up to 4Gbps throughput, 100K L4 connections per second and 14K SSL transactions per second.

Moreover, each vAPV instance on the Array 800 Series virtual appliance supports all of the features and functions found on Array’s dedicated hardware APV 600 Series application delivery controllers.

For cloud and managed hosting service providers, these new virtualized appliances deliver tremendous advantages for offering infrastructure services. Not only do the new APV Series appliances enable consolidation by packing more load balancers into less space, they also cost far less to purchase, deploy and maintain than dedicated appliances.

In addition to running on Array’s virtualized APV 800 Series appliances, vAPV soft-ADCs also run on virtual infrastructure and commodity hardware for an even greater level of flexibility in service deployment. Supporting both VMware ESXi 4.1 or later and XenServer 5.6 or later, vAPV soft-ADCs give enterprises and service providers the agility and flexibility to create and offer dynamic application services, including:

  • Spinning up and spinning down load balancing and traffic management services on-demand, utilizing compute resources on an as-needed basis to cost-effectively meet performance and scale-out requirements
  • Enabling consistent load balancing and traffic management services wherever they are needed across multiple data centers and hybrid public-private cloud environments
  • Deploying load balancing and traffic management in the cloud that is 100% compatible with the enterprise data center
  • Enabling development and testing of new application services that seamlessly deploy on either an Array appliance or virtualized commodity servers
  • Profitably offering metered load balancing and traffic management services based on timeframe, throughput and other metrics.

Like dedicated Array APV 600 and 800 Series application delivery controllers, vAPV soft-ADCs provides the same feature-rich load balancing and next-generation capabilities including 1024 and 2048-bit SSL acceleration, caching, compression, gold-level IPv6 certification, WebWall security, QoS and centralized management, as well as certifications and qualifications for key enterprise application including SAP, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync.

“The cloud and virtualization is changing the landscape of application networking,” said Michael Zhao, president and CEO of Array Networks. “The introduction of our new virtualized application delivery appliances and software application delivery controllers is further proof of our commitment to providing customers and partners with industry-leading network infrastructure products for the cloud and virtualized data center that create new efficiencies, agility and competitive advantages.”

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