User activity monitoring for Windows and OS X

SpectorSoft released SPECTOR 360 7.4, user activity monitoring software for Mac and Windows networks.

The software provides visibility into and analysis of the digital behavior of both Mac and Windows computer users, across all devices, on or off the network, across time, and within the context of their actions.

It delivers screen captures of all activities that take place on Macs; these provide precise and accurate details that address a broad set of security, compliance, privacy and process-oriented issues in an automated, cost-effective manner.

Activities monitored by SPECTOR 360 include email, chat/IM, files transferred, application use, websites visited, Internet searches, documents printed and data copied to removable storage devices.

The solution includes SpectorSoft’s Screen Playback function that permits the video-like playback of everything users have done at their Mac and Windows desktops and laptops.

Key enhancements:

  • Automated, remote installation and update of the Mac client
  • System Health Alerts to ensure optimum functionality of all SPECTOR 360 recorders, system services and databases
  • Support for Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® 2008 (included with SPECTOR 360 installation of up to 999 licenses) and SQL Server 2008 Standard (included with SPECTOR 360 installations of 1,000 or more licenses).
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