Free tool protects Internet connections from DNS Changer shutdown

Bitdefender released a tool to prevent computer users worldwide infected with DNS Changer malware from losing their internet connection on July 9th.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down rogue DNS servers following an investigation into the DNS Changer malware that hijacks users’ traffic.

The malware, which redirects users to malicious pages by changing the way computers resolve domain names, may result in the loss of a quarter of a million internet connections worldwide.

During the investigation, the FBI seized the IP addresses of the rogue servers and deployed legitimate ones to keep resolving names for affected users, but that service is about to end. The Bitdefender DNS Changer Fixer corrects the effects of the malware and safeguards internet connectivity with a single click.

“The DNS system is a core part of the internet, and cyber-criminals are constantly trying to subvert it to seize control of the destinations the user wants to visit,” said Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Researcher at Bitdefender.

“Most of the time, the user is redirected towards malicious or phishing pages, but, in special circumstances, when the rogue DNS infrastructure is destroyed, web connectivity becomes impossible. The DNS Changer Fixer applies the appropriate settings to the PC to restore safe connectivity to the web,” he added.

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