Open source smart meter hacking framework released

SecureState announced the release of the full open source code of Termineter, a framework that allows users to assess the security of Smart Meter utility meters over the optical interface. This is the first framework designed to give authorized individuals access to manipulate and test the security of smart meters.

The goal of a public release for this utility is to promote security awareness for Smart Meters and provide a tool that brings basic testing capabilities to the community and meter manufactures so that security can be improved.

Power companies can use the framework to identify and validate internal flaws that leave them susceptible to fraud and significant vulnerabilities. Users must have general knowledge of the meter’s internal workings in order to use Termineter proficiently.

The Termineter framework implements and supports the ANSI C12.18 and ANSI C12.19 standards, offering basic non-vendor specific routines that allow users to interact with and view information on the device using the optical port.

Termineter gives users fine-grained control and direct access to the data on the meter.

Current modules allow users to read and write raw data to tables, which in turn can be used to initiate procedures. Certain modules require passwords in order to be used. Additional modules allow higher level access to certain functionality, such as parsing useful information from the Security, Modem and Log tables.

Neither Termineter nor the modules contained within it carry any vendor specific information. The design of Termineter was largely dependent on the ANSI published standards which can be purchased by the general population.

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