SaaS web application security scanning from NT OBJECTives

NT OBJECTives announced NTOSpider On-Demand, a cloud-based service enables organizations to scan thousands of applications while controlling scanning costs and optimizing accuracy by choosing a customized mix of automation and professional services.

NTOSpider On-Demand works as a cloud-based platform that scales to support scanning and reporting on thousands of applications. It allows enterprises to initiate application assessment for selected applications, configure and execute the assessment and generate management reports. Regular re-checks can be conducted as needed to review vulnerability findings for confirmed accuracy.

For high priority applications requiring deeper testing, enterprises also have the option to add NTO’s vulnerability validation and/or custom business process testing professional services for the functionality requiring human testers. Additionally, NTO’s expert team will also review remediation reports with the customer’s development staff to put a remediation plan in place.

Features and benefits:

Rapid turnaround – NTOSpider On-Demand provides a responsive and scalable security solution with the ability to scan and report on thousands of application vulnerabilities within a short duration of time based on immediate needs.

Easy to use – Users interact with a SaaS version of NTOEnterprise to initiate, schedule and configure application scans through a simple user interface. On-Demand scans can be scheduled to run at regular monthly or quarterly intervals to provide ongoing monitoring of the organization’s application security issues. NTOSpider On-Demand’s GUI interface enables easy review of scans in progress, recent scans, configuration settings, currently scheduled and configure application scans through a simple user interface.

Centralized – NTOSpider On-Demand provides centralized control and automation over all aspects of enterprise web application scanning.

Scalable – NTOSpider On-Demand works to quickly scale to address user’s needs whether for hundreds or thousands of applications. Not only does NTOSpider On-Demand have the ability to run an unlimited number of simultaneous scans, but it is also able to automatically create new scan engines to handle increased workloads.

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