Email from disgruntled buyer leads to eBay phishing page

In these hard economic times, many have turned to eBay for selling things in order to earn a buck. But, in order to be trusted by buyers, the sellers depend on good ratings from those who have already bought some things from them.

A recently spotted phishing scam counts on eBay’s sellers fear of bad feedback and tries to trick them into following a link included in an email that has supposedly been sent by an unsatisfied customer:

“The email uses HTML to disguise the link so that it appears to point to a genuine eBay address,” Hoax-Slayer points out. “In fact, the link in this version of the scam email opens a website hosted in France that has no connection whatsoever with the real eBay website.”

The website hosts a fake eBay login page. Once the victims enter their login credentials and press the “Sign In” button, they are redirected to the legitimate eBay website.

Their credentials are forwarded to the phishers, who will then use them to hijack the victims’ eBay accounts and use them for their own malicious purposes.

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