New version of Palamida’s scanning solution for open source projects

Palamida recently announced Enterprise Edition 6, the latest edition of its open source intellectual property and vulnerability risk management product.

The new version adds a number of new capabilities to help users manage and secure their use of open source and other third-party software within their development projects.

New features include:

  • A new metadata framework and search feature lets organizations centralize and utilize information about their software projects – information which is typically scattered across multiple systems and applications.
  • Additional license compatibility reference information gives legal professionals the information they need to manage their organization’s intellectual property policies.
  • New connectors for Subversion and Git source code management systems are the latest out-of-the-box integration features that allow connections to code repositories to ensure that appropriate codebase snapshots are audited as part of a continuous integration strategy.
  • A new Third-Party Notices Report simplifies and automates a key legal deliverable for third party software license compliance.
  • Palamida’s Update Service now includes weekly updates to compliance library, automated AutoExpert rules and other system data ensuring that users have timely access to information about open source projects, licensing and security issues.
  • A new installer makes system installation and startup automated and error-free.

Backed by a library of over 3 billion open source files, and multiple scanning techniques for both source and binary code, Palamida Enterprise Edition 6 offers a single system for identification of software content, management of policy for use and compliance with license obligations.

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