Recovery for Linux and UNIX systems

Storix announced System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin) version 8.1, which includes new features and enhancements to simplify system recovery.

SBAdmin goes beyond just data backup, providing customers with bare-metal recovery capabilities. It includes the tools necessary to reliably restore entire systems, including the OS, application(s), user configurations and data to dissimilar hardware, reducing down-time.

New features and enhancements:

  • Utilize NFS storage during backup and system recovery
  • Oracle Solaris ZFS encryption support
  • Linux LVM mirroring support
  • Improved Web and Graphical Interface
  • Linux Device Detection.

Rich Turner, Vice President of Product Development at Storix, said: “No matter how many times you see it done, you can’t help feel pride when the software pulls-off V2P migration of a disk based system to older hardware booted off SAN. We really want our customers to know the software is so much more than an insurance policy against total system failure. With SBAdmin, users can perform ‘real everyday’ system administration tasks, such as: hardware server migrations, cloning, provisioning and even software storage migrations for better system performance.”

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