Messaging security platform for mobile network operators

Cloudmark announced Cloudmark Mobile Platform 3.0, a solution that provides real-time visibility and control of mobile messaging threats originating from internal or external networks and delivers the flexible policy controls and scalability that operators need to stop threats before they impact mobile networks and subscribers.

Operators will benefit from the ability to protect revenue loss associated with grey traffic and bulk-messaging SIM Boxes on their network, as well as implementing controls to stop the spread of spam, phishing and malware to their subscriber base via the mobile messaging channel.

Mobile subscribers will benefit from services such as parental controls for mobile messaging, which enable parents to choose additional protection for their families, including personalized block and allow lists, time-of-day usage, message volume limits, anti-bullying and bashing, and anti-sexting policies.

In addition, Cloudmark Mobile Platform 3.0 provides the capability for operators to offer security services to enterprises, such as message archiving to corporate mail systems, data leakage prevention, and abusive image protection to simplify compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.

Cloudmark Mobile Platform’s enterprise-wide block and allow lists also provide extra security by only allowing authorized senders and receivers to exchange messages or access specific content, while time-of-day policies enable enterprises to take more control messaging traffic. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming even more common in the corporate workplace, such controls are vital to ensure enterprise security.

Cloudmark Mobile Platform 3.0 is a carrier-class solution that offers fast, accurate mobile messaging security protection. It delivers complete protection against mobile spam, phishing and fraud, as well as malware and binary message content. The Cloudmark Mobile Platform 3.0 combines superior speed and scalability with unmatched deployment flexibility to protect and grow with any size of operator network environment. Furthermore, it easily integrates with existing messaging infrastructure and subscriber preference systems, allowing the fastest and most transparent, and most cost-effective deployment of complete messaging security.

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