Bogus AT&T notification leads to phishing

Another month, another bogus AT&T notification, warning recipients to verify their email accounts or they will have them suspended:

But where previous fake emails supposedly coming from AT&T more often than not carried malware, this one is a straight-up phishing attempt, where the included link takes the recipients to a spoofed login page.

“Login credentials entered on the bogus site will be collected by phishing scammers and subsequently used to hijack the real email accounts belonging to their victims,” Hoax-Slayer warns.

“Once they have gained access to the compromised accounts, the scammers can lock out the rightful owners and use the account contact list to send out further scam and spam emails. Because these scam emails appear to come from a person they know, recipients may be more inclined to think them legitimate and follow any instructions the scammers have included.”

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