Seagate unveils three new enterprise-class HDDs

Seagate announced three new enterprise-class hard disk drives optimized for traditional data centers and emerging cloud infrastructures.

Perfect for cloud bulk data storage, the Seagate Enterprise Value HDD provides up to 3TB of storage in a low-power configuration that is perfect for efficiently and affordably storing the ever-growing amount of unstructured data typically stored in the cloud.

The company also announced its next generation of highly-reliable hard disk drives, the Seagate®Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD featuring the industry’s widest range of capacities (1, 2, 3 and 4TB) of secure data storage for robust data center usage and the Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K HDD which delivers best-in-class performance and built-in security for optimized storage efficiency and data protection.

With up to 3TB of data storage, the Seagate Enterprise Value HDD, also known as the Constellation CS, provides cloud data centers with the scalable affordability they need to meet demands in low workload, 24×7 replicated environments. The most economical Seagate Enterprise platform for storing exabytes of unstructured data in the cloud, the Enterprise Value HDD provides enterprise-class reliability and 7200-RPM performance for 24×7 multi-drive data center environments where low power usage and secure, easy drive disposal is needed.

Seagate Enterprise Value HDD features:

High capacity – A range of high capacities (1, 2 and 3TB) in a 3.5-inch form factor, supporting a maximum rack density of 114TB per sq. foot1 for efficient data center floor space usage.

Energy-efficient – Reduced energy and cooling costs with the lowest power consumption of any Seagate Enterprise 3.5-inch drive and as much as 29 percent less power consumption than competitive high-capacity enterprise drives.

Easy-to-integrate – Quick and simple drive retirement or disposal at no additional cost— Seagate®Instant Secure Erase reduces data erasure times from hours or days to 1 second with a proven 6Gb/s SATA interface for easy integration in lower workload solutions.

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