“Free iPad Mini” scam spreading on Facebook

It was only a matter of time until scammers started using the newly released iPad Mini as a lure in their schemes.

Sophos reports about a scam spreading via Facebook, offering a “free iPad mini” and a link to a rogue Facebook app:

“Despite the use of Apple’s world famous logo, the messages have nothing to do with the Cupertino-based firm,” Graham Cluley warns.

“If you’re being level-headed you might think twice about handing over control of what gets posted to your Facebook account (and details of your personal information, as well as your friends’ names) to a complete stranger in exchange for the chance to win an iPad Mini.”

This is exactly what the app does, and users who have fallen for the scam will, naturally, get no Apple device for free.

If you have installed the rogue app, do yourself and your friends a favor, and revoke it’s permissions and delete the message it posted on your Wall in order to trick them into following the link.

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