Protect web browsing sessions on iOS devices

Quarri Technologies released Quarri Protect On Q (POQ) Mobile for iOS, a web information security solution that enables organizations to protect and control end-user web browsing sessions on iOS devices.

POQ Mobile for iOS provides malware protection and prevents unauthorized copying and saving of information delivered via browsers on iOS smartphones and tablets to prevent confidential data from residing on end-user devices.

In addition, Quarri today announced the release of Protect On Q 3.0, an enhanced version of its flagship web browser security solution for enterprises. POQ 3.0 delivers new enhancements that empower organizations to centrally manage and control browser sessions across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows desktops and laptops.

POQ 3.0 also enables administrators to deny access to sensitive data by jailbroken mobile devices that have compromised their system-level process protections.

The latest addition to Quarri’s Protect On Q product suite, POQ Mobile for iOS empowers enterprises with new control and protection for their users’ browser sessions on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, to prevent theft and data leakage.

Quarri enables IT administrators to place strict controls over browser-delivered information to enforce security policies that prevent unauthorized use and replication of confidential data. The product supports devices running iOS 5 and later.

“Mobile web applications have become the common interface for accessing information that drives business activity, making them extremely vulnerable to malware threats, as well as careless or malicious end users,” said Bill Morrow, executive chairman and CEO of Quarri Technologies. “With POQ Mobile for iOS, Quarri is delivering unprecedented protection for data accessed via both employee-owned and company-issued mobile devices. We look forward to enabling companies worldwide to enforce secure mobile browser sessions to keep their most sensitive data secure.”

Protect On Q 3.0 features include:

Detection of rooted or jailbroken devices – POQ Mobile for both Android and iOS platforms can now detect whether the device has been rooted/jailbroken. If the device has been rooted, policy controls specified by IT administrators can prevent the protected browser from accessing protected web applications or sites to minimize the security risk posed by these devices.

Centralized management of POQ servers – Consolidates management for Windows, Android and iOS, and provides the scalability to support hundreds to thousands of users.

New monitoring and reporting capabilities – New enhancements to the POQ Manager enable administrators to quickly and easily track key statistics, such as number of client downloads, session key verifications and launches per policy, along with historical and graph views.

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