Vulnerability management in the cloud from Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks announces a new Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) and a new Web Application Scanning (WAS) Service for the Cloud. These add-on Cloud security solutions are currently available for purchase by customers of Dell Public Cloud, Dell Cloud Dedicated Service and customers of VMware vCenter 5.0 environments.

In addition to the vulnerability management services, Dell SecureWorks is also offering cloud customers its Global Threat Intelligence Service, a service which offers expert analysis of millions of security data points related to new vulnerabilities, emerging threats and new adversary activity.

As part of the VMS for Cloud service, Dell SecureWorks security personnel will conduct regularly scheduled or “on demand” vulnerability scans of a customer’s cloud services and applications. Meanwhile, Dell SecureWorks’ Web Application Scanning (WAS) for Cloud service focuses on an organization’s cloud-based Web applications. It will provide regularly scheduled and “on demand” vulnerability scans of a customer’s Web applications.

Security research shows that Web applications are one of the most common entry points for cyber attackers. It is, therefore, critical to ensure that all Web applications, including cloud-based applications, are properly secured. WAS for Cloud can scan web applications that reside behind login pages, enabling a security review of an organization’s Web applications.

If security vulnerabilities are found during the scanning process, the customer will immediately receive recommendations on how to fix them. And equally important is that the VMS and WAS for Cloud services are automatically updated to scan for new vulnerabilities, so the latest cyber threats are detected. Customers can feel confident if they add new applications or servers to their cloud environment, they will be scanned as the VMS and WAS for Cloud solutions create and maintain an accurate inventory of all Cloud assets.

The VMS and WAS solutions have been designed specifically for cloud environments, and if chosen by the customer, they will be integrated directly into the customer’s virtual datacenter.

Additionally, all Threat Intelligence reports and analysis from the Global Threat Intelligence Service are available to customers through the Dell SecureWorks Portal. The Portal makes it easy for customers to query, report on and receive email alerts pertaining to vulnerability data relevant to their organization, and receive actionable recommendations for protecting their critical assets.

As organizations continue to move their IT environments to the Cloud to save money and streamline their IT operations, it is critical that entities continue to secure their data. Data and applications of all types, included web applications, hosted in the cloud can be just as vulnerable as those hosted on the customer premise.

With a broad and flexible portfolio of Managed Security, Threat Intelligence and Security & Risk Consulting services, Dell SecureWorks partners with organizations of all sizes and industries. Dell SecureWorks has a worldwide presence across six continents in more than 70 countries and as a result has an unparalleled view in the cyber-attack landscape. Dell SecureWorks monitors more than 30 billion events daily.


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