UnboundID releases new identity data platform

UnboundID released cersion 4.0 of the UnboundID Identity Data Platform, providing data unification, new levels of security, and real-time scalability to manage identity data.

With the rapid growth of mobile, social, and cloud applications, the data created by consumers is growing exponentially. Users tend to leave footprints over several systems, which can disguise the fact that those transactions all belong to the same identity.

Having a data platform that helps companies unify and prioritize this information provides a more complete picture of a customer’s desires, needs and preferences. It greatly increases the value of a company’s customer data.

The UnboundID Identity Data Platform enables its customers to provide highly personalized products and services. Companies can gain insights they’ve never had before, gaining a holistic view of end-customer preferences and levels of data participation.

The new version focuses on the needs of today’s top companies: speed and fine-grained control of data access. For example, data can be prioritized by the frequency that certain identity information is needed, like names and addresses, which can be pulled with sub-millisecond response times. Complex data from multiple sources can be unified and prioritized as needed for fast retrieval.

In addition to supporting accessibility through the LDAP and SCIM protocols, the platform increases usability by incorporating a generic REST-based Identity API. This new feature improves data access through common web development languages.

Key components:

Identity Data Store – Securely manages and organizes data for sub-millisecond access.

Identity Proxy – Directs and secures data at scale, providing intelligent load distribution and fail-over capabilities.

Identity Data Sync – Synchronizes and updates data from multiple sources, allowing for real-time data access.

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