Anticipatory cyber threat intelligence service

Booz Allen Hamilton launched Cyber4Sight Threat Intelligence Services, which uses multiple data sources to identify and monitor an organization’s unique cyber security profile, determine its “attack surface,” and deploy military grade predictive intelligence to anticipate, prioritize and mitigate cyber threats 24/7.

Today’s cyber threats are increasingly targeting corporations and governments to conduct industrial espionage, undermine business and financial operations and sabotage infrastructure. A perimeter defense alone is no longer sufficient protection – adversaries are too many, too fast and too sophisticated. Organizations need a new paradigm that combines real-time security resources with a rigorous method of mitigating cyber risks.

Cyber4Sight provides clients – from banks to insurance companies to energy utilities – with anticipatory cyber threat intelligence that allows them to cultivate a proactive security posture.

It combines the science of Big Data with the art of analysis and information gathering to give clients a holistic, forward-looking cyber security program. This service is the result of a significant multi-year investment Booz Allen has made to create an infrastructure that globally integrates data collection, aggregation and analysis and engages cyber analysts from a myriad of disciplines.

The Cyber4Sight holistic scope of managed service centers on:

  • All-source data: Booz Allen’s data collection, aggregation and analysis platform filters millions of pieces of data from thousands of sources in real-time, resulting in highly tailored information that includes feedback to continuously improve processes.
  • Intelligence analysis: Organizations make deliberate choices to conduct business transactions over the Internet, creating a constantly changing “attack surface” that can be exploited by cyber threats in real-time. Company analysts provide 24/7/365 threat monitoring to produce actionable and predictive information.
  • Managed client services: The suite of Cyber4Sight products includes: trip-wire reports, situation reports (SITREPs), spot reports (SPOTREP), daily summaries and requests for analysis and response.

“In today’s world, too many organizations wait until a cyber attack occurs before reacting to it,” said Booz Allen Vice Chairman Mike Mcconnell. “Cyber4Sight marks a shift from today’s largely reactive security posture to a preemptive, predictive intelligence perspective that ensures an organization stays one step ahead of its attackers.”

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