Endpoint manager with panoramic, touch screen display

At RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco, Comodo announced their latest solution for centralized administration of security, including anti-virus protection of endpoints: Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 3.0 (ESM 3.0).

Its patent pending innovative panoramic technology display allows IT Managers to view all endpoints, such as a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device or printer, quickly and on one screen. This feature of ESM 3.0 allows the manager to sweep left or right as well as zoom in and out over the virtual landscape of their endpoint estate.

With Windows 8 compatibility, it puts important information – endpoints’ 12 critical metrics – right at the IT Manager’s fingertips, literally, with the convenience of a touch screen interface.

The new “info tiles” interface means problem endpoints can be identified quickly and efficiently. Each endpoint is represented in its own info-tile consisting of fully customizable policies and metrics, such as power management and USB device control that can be further examined to allow an administrator to make swift and accurate decisions. With just one click, the administrator is able to view or stop services and processes as well as browse and uninstall applications.

ESM 3.0 requires minimal system resources allowing installation on non-dedicated Windows PCs or servers. Browser based consoles gives administrators the flexibility of monitoring endpoints from anywhere at anytime.

Additionally, protection of endpoints is further extended using Comodo’s Default Deny Protection which leverages a “whitelist” of verified applications and vendors to automatically decide if an application is allowed to run on your network or not without interruption of the network.

Comodo ESM 3.0 incorporates “Defense in Depth” to the desktop environment. It features blacklist based detection, the industry recognized Comodo Firewall, the behavioral analysis engine of the Defense+ Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) which filters unknown or malicious programs allowing only known-good programs to run along with the unique Auto-Sandbox which defends systems from potentially malicious files.

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