Seagate blog compromised, leads to Blackhole and malware

A blog of well-known hard disk drive manufacturer Seagate has been compromised to contain malicious iFrame injections that redirect users to websites hosting the Blackhole exploit kit, warns Sophos.

Even though the compromise has been spotted late last month and Seagate has been informed of it, the company has still not reacted and cleaned the blog up.

“I suspect that many webmasters fail to see the problem themselves and dismiss abuse reports as a result. Which is understandable, as reproducing the problem can certainly be tricky,” Sophos’ Paul Baccas commented.

“It would seem that certain checks are done by the malicious Apache module, meaning that the malicious iFrame is only injected into outbound HTML/JS content when certain conditions are met.”

Users are advised to skirt Seagate’s blog for the time being, and webmasters to be more mindful of keeping their websites clean.

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