Radware unveils SDN strategy

Radware introduced DefenseFlow, the first in the company’s suite of Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications providing organizations with network wide attack mitigation service.

The Radware SDN strategy provides an SDN framework, outlining support for three dimensions: SDN applications – building SDN applications that optimize ADC and security services by programming the network; SDN eco-system – compatibility with the industry’s leading SDN vendors; related SDN technology support – extending application programming interfaces (APIs) and supporting network protocols such as VX-LAN.

Radware’s strategy emphasizes SDN as an enabling architecture to revolutionize the way application delivery and security services are implemented and managed. Using Radware’s SDN applications, application delivery and security move from a point devices based deployment to comprehensive network-wide services.

Radware’s SDN applications use the programmability nature of software defined networks to become part of the service rather than just hosting it. The overall solution provides customers with simpler implementations of the ADC and security services that become highly scalable and easier to operate.

The SDN eco-system will enable Radware’s security and application delivery solutions to integrate into the environments of the industry’s leading SDN vendors through extensive joint design, development and certification.

“While SDN has received a lot of attention recently, enterprise and carriers are challenged to actually leverage the benefits of this new network evolution,” said Avi Chesla, chief technology officer, Radware. “Our approach is to provide a set of fully-functional SDN applications that empower our customers to build application aware networks which dramatically increase their value. DefenseFlow is the first in a line of SDN applications we’ll be introducing this year that harness the power and cost savings of SDN.”

DefenseFlow transitions in path device-based security solutions into a network-wide service by utilizing the SDN control plane to collect traffic information for attack detection and optimally divert the traffic through the most relevant security resources in the network that can mitigate the identified risk only when needed.

By deploying this behavioral-based technology to detect network attacks in real time, network operators and IT staff can implement DoS & DDoS protection service to their networks at a low cost.

Additional benefits include:

More intelligent application delivery and security decisions: Using Radware SDN applications, application intelligence is injected to every point in the network. A proactive application cycle brings constant optimization of availability, performance and security through the analysis decision process.

Simpler implementations: Customers can quickly and easily implement the deployment of ADC and security compared to traditional methods which requires assurance of the right static traffic engineering.

Lower solution costs: Users can off-load basic functions of ADC and security services to the network, thus saving expensive resources.

Higher scalability: Through SDN, ADC and security appliances can be used anywhere on the network, enabling simpler scalability.

Easier operation: Radware’s SDN solutions allow for centralized management, streamlining the management of both ADC and security processes.

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