CyberReveal: A new approach to security intelligence

BAE Systems Detica launched CyberReveal, an analytics and investigation product that gives companies the intelligence they need to protect their valuable intellectual property and sensitive commercial information from being stolen or compromised by cyber criminals.

Scalable to any organization, CyberReveal processes billions of data records – generated by hundreds of thousands of user devices – every single day, identifying and prioritizing the security events that could have the biggest impact. Critically, it gives analysts a single view of network activity across their whole IT estate, detecting attacks by their behavior – not just by the signatures of previous attacks.

CyberReveal comprises three core components: Platform, Analytics and Investigator. It is designed to help analysts protect their organizations faster, driving more value by integrating with existing infrastructure and security systems, with plug-in Analytics Packs providing cost-effective protection to combat evolving threats.

Martin Sutherland, Managing Director, BAE Systems Detica, comments:

“Commercial organizations are growing ever more concerned about securing their most valuable assets – the larger the organization, the greater the number of avenues for cyber attackers to exploit. CyberReveal addresses four key areas where traditional approaches are proving ineffective against the modern cyber threat – helping analysts to prioritize the incidents they investigate, managing huge data volumes, evolving their defences in line with a rapidly changing threat environment, and enabling quicker, more informed decision making.

“This is the first time we’re making our technology available for companies that have their own analysts. CyberReveal provides a unique “single pane of glass’ for analysts by linking security event data information from across the entire organization. It can show them where they need to focus their attention and piece together disparate data to give them the big picture – critical to defending against the most advanced and insidious cyber threats.”

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