GFI Software adds patch management to GFI Cloud

GFI Software announced the addition of patch management capabilities to its cloud-based platform for the delivery of services via a web-based user interface.

Small to mid-sized businesses are already provided with antivirus and network monitoring capabilities, as well as asset management. By adding patch management to the GFI Cloud platform, businesses will be able to automate the process of patching all of their machines, thus keeping their systems up-to-date.

It can be bought and used on its own to complement other antivirus, monitoring or asset tracking products a company may have, but the patch management feature really comes into its own as part of GFI Cloud.

With antivirus, server and workstation monitoring and now patch management, GFI Cloud gives IT admins one place to see the status and health of all their proactively-managed IT systems, to provide an inventory of hardware and software on, and off, the network and, with TeamViewer installed, a way to remotely access a problem device.

“GFI Cloud is our flagship solution for resource-strapped IT administrators at small and mid-sized companies to easily and efficiently manage the needs of their entire IT environment,” said Walter Scott, CEO of GFI Software. “The IT marketplace is shifting towards cloud-based solutions, and the benefits to them are already well-documented. GFI now extends the power and capabilities of our enterprise-class, award-winning business and security solutions to a single platform where all of these capabilities can be easily accessed and managed in one place by even the smallest IT teams. Patch management is the logical next step in the evolution of making GFI Cloud the only IT software platform a small or mid-sized business will need to manage the IT resources needed to support and protect their business.”

The latest evolution of GFI Cloud helps IT admins to automatically manage all of their patching needs from the solution’s single, intuitive dashboard. All updates – including those from Microsoft (including Windows, Exchange, Office, Internet Explorer) and third-party applications (like Adobe, Java, popular internet browsers and non-security updates) – can be managed with GFI Cloud, eliminating the need for any other update tools. Patch management is an established requirement and while every IT admin wants (and needs) to do it, the reality is that they do not have the time.

With vendors issuing product updates at different times, it becomes a struggle to keep up. GFI Cloud simplifies the entire process, checks what’s missing, patches the systems that need to be patched and it’s done. For the busy IT admin, it just works and that’s what is important.

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