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The month of June saw security updates for well over 100 vulnerabilities in just the most commonly used software for Windows workstations, with each of these vulnerabilities representing an opportunity for cybercriminals to breach corporate networks.

With new Client Security Premium, F-Secure enables businesses to plug the software holes that compromise data security – and to provide stronger coverage for newly discovered holes that haven’t yet been patched.

Data breaches via software vulnerabilities cost businesses thousands and even millions of euros per year. Cybercriminals who aim to infiltrate business networks use two main ways: They send targeted emails with malicious attachments tailored to appeal to the victim, or they compromise websites that business employees are likely to visit. By then exploiting vulnerabilities in software installed on the victims’ machines, they can gain access to the machine, infecting it with malware that spies on the user and steals data.

“Barely a week goes by that we don’t hear about a new data breach,” says Mikko Parkkola, Product Manager at F-Secure. “The best defense is a two-pronged approach. To patch vulnerabilities that are already known about and have been fixed by software vendors, businesses need to keep their software up-to-date. And to protect from new malware that exploits vulnerabilities vendors aren’t aware of yet, businesses need proactive behavior-based exploit protection. F-Secure Client Security Premium does both.”

“Cybercriminals are targeting businesses, and the cost of just one infection can be considerable, with information loss, stolen funds, business disruption, cleanup, and not to mention, the damage done to a business’ reputation if customer data is compromised,” says Pekka Usva, Vice President, Corporate Security at F-Secure. “That’s why it makes sense to get the best protection available.”

F-Secure Client Security Premium includes Software Updater, which ensures that operating systems and applications are up-to-date. It proactively scans computers for missing security updates and patches and deploys them automatically, with a manual option also available. 70 to 80 percent of F-Secure Labs’ top ten malware detected could have been prevented with up-to-date software, illustrating that the need for proactive patch management has never been greater.

Software Updater handles not only Windows updates, but also updates for third party applications. This is important because the vast majority of vulnerabilities are found in third party software – browsers, their plugins, and any other applications aside from the operating system.

Client Security Premium is reinforced with special exploit protection from DeepGuard 5, the latest version of F-Secure’s behavior-based analysis technology which is also in Client Security Standard. DeepGuard 5 continuously monitors programs for suspicious behavior to stop cybercriminals’ attempts to exploit software holes. Because the protection is based on behavior rather than the vulnerability, DeepGuard is able to stop even new malware threats.

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