Cloud strategy and evaluation considerations

Wisegate, a private, practitioner-based IT research service for qualified senior technology professionals, released a new industry case study designed to help IT professionals who are considering moving applications and/or data to the cloud.

In this report, a Director of Data Center Services at a large US-based data services company, shares in-depth practical insight around his personal cloud strategy and evaluation roadmap. Included in this study are six key considerations for any business making a transition from traditional IT to cloud computing.

While lower costs, better scalability and flexibility, and improved utilization of resources are just a few of the benefits of cloud computing touted by vendors, the cloud isn’t always the best fit for every company. Every organizations must consider whether or not they should make the transition from traditional IT to cloud computing – and if so, how to prepare and make the right choices.

The report provides insight into topics like:

  • Getting started with 6 key consideration: Understanding cloud adoption drivers, deployment model decisions, the importance of portability, vendor facts vs. fiction, outsourcing fears and how to evaluate readiness for the cloud
  • Tackling the cloud assessment: Where to start, which evaluation criteria to include and how to evaluate the results
  • Does every cloud have a silver lining? The importance of defining your own definition of cloud success, approaching the move to cloud as an evolutionary process and aligning the goals of IT and business.

“Like all IT leaders, Wisegate members are sorting through key issues – and finding benefits from the ability to confer with others-to get advice and learn from the experiences and successes of their peers,” said Sara Gates, Founder and CEO of Wisegate. “Because of their positions and levels of responsibility, Wisegate members are often on the forefront of addressing new issues and challenges related to the use of information technology.”

The case study is available here (registration required).

For more information read “Selecting a cloud provider starts with exit planning” by Vladimir Jirasek, Research Director at Cloud Security Alliance UK.

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