72% can’t securely manage multiple computing environments

AppSense and CTOVision announced the results of a survey that included responses from 245 executives, technologists and contractors – across the defense, intelligence and civilian sectors – to determine the implications of multi-platform computing to Federal users and I.T. organizations.

More than 8 out of 10 respondents confirmed they are moving to a multi-platform (physical, virtual, mobile) computing environment to help them achieve operational efficiencies and employee productivity. However, many of these agencies lack the proper foundation and elements to deliver a consistent way for employees to fully take advantage of these platforms.

The joint study was commissioned to provide insight into challenges and opportunities created by multi-platform computing, enterprise mobility, and cyber security. For example, many Federal agencies are looking for solutions to balance increasing demands for user flexibility against the need to secure applications and data across devices.

“With the proliferation of mobile devices, apps and data in Federal agencies, it is crucial to get an accurate understanding of new user expectations and the new user experience,” stated Scott Arnold, CEO of AppSense. “This survey helps Federal I.T. organizations understand the opportunities and challenges that multi-platform computing presents for I.T. security, governance and management.”

Overall, the survey reveals that an overwhelming 82 percent of respondents indicate migrating to a multi-platform environment is a high priority for their agency. For example:

  • 73 percent expect that a multi-platform environment will significantly increase the overall levels of user productivity
  • 83 percent indicate that they expect the use of multiple platforms to increase their geographic flexibility and options in how they perform missions.

Further, a majority of survey respondents said they lack the capabilities to secure and deliver applications and data with a consistent user experience in a multi-platform environment:

  • 70 percent believe that their existing IT policies and procedures will not be able to effectively manage the user experience in multi-platform environments;
  • 73 percent do not believe that their existing environments are optimized to deliver a consistent user experience, applications and data across platforms; and
  • 72 percent indicate that their agency may not have the ability to manage across physical, virtual and mobile environments in an integrated and secure manner.

“The results clearly show that agencies are facing a multi-platform computing environment that is very different from the more traditional desktop computing environment,” said Bob Gourley, publisher of CTOVision. “With this new environment come elevated user expectations for flexibility, mobility and choice in how they access enterprise apps and data.”

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