HackShield bags prevent physical and digital intrusion

Das Keyboard launched highly secure, radio frequency blocking bags. Known as HackShield bags, the company’s one-of-a-kind backpack and messenger bags empower professionals on-the-go with a new level of protection against physical and digital intrusion.

“The idea for our new bags came about after an experience I encountered on a very busy Fifth Avenue in New York City during the holiday shopping season,” said Daniel Guermeur, creator of the Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot Corporation. “Within an hour, I realized someone had attempted to break into my backpack two separate times while I was making my way through the crowds. I also realized my digital information wasn’t as secure as I thought because my laptop had been communicating with the cloud, even though it was in sleep mode.”

Guermeur’s Fifth Avenue experience set off a personal quest for Das Keyboard to build a backpack that would better protect an individual’s electronic devices against physical theft, as well as provide a new layer of security against illegitimate location tracking and digital pick-pockets roaming for meta data and other private information.

The backpack and messenger bags’ internal pockets are lined with HackShield RF blocking material, which works like a force field around electronic devices to protect against potential hacking attempts.

HackShield technology also blocks electronics from transmitting data to and from the cloud, such as an individual’s geographical location, without the user’s knowledge. Each Das Keyboard bag has enough HackShield-protected pockets to fit a laptop, tablet and smartphone comfortably inside.

Added Guermeur, “Many people don’t realize the electronic devices they carry around can send valuable personal data to the cloud, in some cases even when their devices are closed or asleep. In today’s hi-tech world, most people are concerned with more than just protecting their digital life from hackers, but also with preventing their electronic devices from sharing personal information without their knowledge. With HackShield RF blocking technology, it’s not possible for radio signals to get in or out of Das Keyboard’s carrying bags, which provides an entirely new level of digital security.”


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