Skyhigh Secure: Data security for information in the cloud

Skyhigh Networks announced Skyhigh Secure, a solution that enables organizations to address their critical cloud data protection requirements – including contextual access control, application auditing, encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and cloud to cloud access control.

Skyhigh Secure’s mobile to cloud capabilities enable secure access of cloud services directly from mobile devices without the need for agents, downloads, or other footprints on the device, and without the need for VPN or backhaul of mobile traffic through the enterprise network.

The solution also provides proactive and adaptive security that leverages real-time application and usage analytics to detect threats and secure data to and from cloud services. It also delivers unmatched ease with three-click configuration and flexibility of deployment with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid delivery options.

Skyhigh Secure delivers the following features:

Contextual access control: Allows or denies access to corporate data in the cloud based on user, device, and geographic location.

Application auditing: Granular auditing of application usage and real-time identification and alerting of anomalous use.

Encryption: Industry standards-based 256-bit encryption for structured and unstructured data that maintains sorting, searching, and other end-user functionalities.

CloudDLP: Inline and offline DLP for cloud data including alerting, encrypting, and blocking actions and integration with existing on-premise DLP solutions.

Cloud-to-cloud control: Consistent enforcement of corporate policies as data moves from mobile to cloud, on-premise to cloud and even from cloud to cloud.

Skyhigh Secure supports leading cloud services across all major categories, including cloud storage and collaboration (e.g., Box), social business platforms (e.g., Jive), customer relationship management (e.g., Salesforce), productivity suites (e.g., Office 365), human resources and finance (e.g., Workday) and IT service management (e.g., ServiceNow).

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