Barracuda launches Barracuda Firewall X100 and X101

Barracuda Networks announced the new Barracuda Firewall X100 and X101, next-generation firewalls designed for small businesses. Barracuda also released new firmware, version 6.1, which includes configuration wizards, as well as updated security enhancements including secure remote access through an integrated SSL VPN.

According to Compass Intelligence, there are approximately 22 million companies worldwide with less than 1,000 employees, and approximately three million in the U.S. alone. Many of these organizations lack the resources of larger organizations with dedicated IT staff and budgets.

Unfortunately, the increasing sophistication of security threats does not discriminate by business size or IT budget. These smaller organizations all have critical business data and need to implement a security solution that protects them and fits into their constrained IT budget.

“The Barracuda Firewall is ideal for small businesses where employees bring their own laptops and may use social media and other consumer-facing web applications at work,” said Stephen Pao, GM Security Business, Barracuda. “The new Barracuda Firewall X100 series empowers administrators, enabling those small businesses to protect their businesses with comprehensive next-generation firewalling, but without the pricing that breaks budgets.”

Barracuda recently conducted a study among more than 100 organizations to analyze the relationship between ease of use, firewall configurations and security gaps. The study found that one out of two companies experienced network downtime as a result of misconfigured firewall rules. This study underpins the importance of delivering powerful functionality that is also easy to set up and manage. Designed with this ease of use in mind, Barracuda Firewall version 6.1 offers:

New models for small businesses. The new Barracuda Firewall X100 series provides cost-effective next-generation firewall functionality. The Barracuda Firewall X100, and the Barracuda Firewall X101 with Wi-Fi, appliances include 4x GbE copper ports.

Powerful setup wizards. All Barracuda Firewalls now offer configuration wizards including multiple networks and multiple uplinks with link balancing. The setup wizard helps ensure that a Barracuda Firewall can be installed within minutes, while the network configuration wizard enables activation of critical firewalling features.

Integrated SSL VPN. The Barracuda Firewall models X200 and above enable remote users to access internal network resources through a standard web browser. The SSL VPN feature can be used to grant remote users access to web applications, client and server applications, as well as internal network resources such as Outlook Web Access, SharePoint, or even Windows Remote Desktop Services.

URL filtering of HTTPS websites and Web Security Service exemptions. Barracuda Firewalls can apply URL filtering provided by the Barracuda Web Security Service subscription to websites accessed via HTTPS. Additionally, administrators can exempt user-defined domains or IP addresses from being forwarded to the Barracuda Web Security Service for HTTP and HTTPS.

High availability. All Barracuda Firewalls can be deployed as part of a High Availability cluster, and are designed for organizations of all sizes. The primary unit handles network traffic and security functions, while the secondary unit waits in hot standby mode to take over in case the primary unit fails.

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