Bogus iPhone 5C giveaway hits Facebook users

The long awaited unveiling of the upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C has provided the perfect lure for Facebook scammers.

A message showing a picture of multicolored iPhones 5C and saying that 75 lucky users will be randomly chosen to receive one for free if they “share” and “like” this photo has been so far shared by many users who were tricked into believing the offer was legitimate.

The page that posted the picture in question purports to be an Apple fan page, but in fact has no connection with the company.

“The intent of the scammers who created the bogus Page is to amass as many likes as possible in the shortest possible time. And by tricking people into sharing the image and commenting, the scammers can further promote the page across the network,” explains Hoax-Slayer.

This and other similar pages are then sold or rented out to other spammers who want to reach as many users and possible, or are used by the creators themselves to funnel traffic to survey or phishing pages.

If you are wondering how much can these scammers earn from these endeavors, you can read here about how lucrative the Facebook spamming business is.

Remember: if an offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

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