Watchful Software updates its information protection solution

Watchful Software released RightsWATCH 5.0, which extends the secure flow of information throughout an organization while automatically applying corporate security policies without users having to make decisions or do extra work. This ensures that classified information can be used by valid users anywhere even if they are outside of the secure network perimeter and using BYOD devices.

“Watchful has built a very nice solution on top of Microsoft’s Rights Management (RMS) platform. The Watchful classification and policy management extensions to the RMS server and the Microsoft Office client applications are well integrated, and provide several important features for both end users and IT administrators to help speed adoption, facilitate deployment, and protect an ever-wider array of data in the enterprise,” explains Dan Plastina, Microsoft’s Rights Management services group manager.

“Myriad data leakage events have shown us that it’s simply not enough to secure the network perimeter. With the advent of Bring Your Own Device technologies such as smartphones and tablets, the ability to control the network perimeter and restrict where information can go is virtually dead,” explains Rui Melo Biscaia, Director of Product Development at Watchful Software.

“RightsWATCH 5.0 further extends the ability to produce and consume Microsoft RMS protected content on a wide array of mobile devices, now making available a full featured email client for Android OS devices as well as the existing iOS and Blackberry platforms,” Biscaia added.

The latest version of the RightsWATCH data-centric protection suite enhances secure collaboration in the modern enterprise by extending the interoperability between RMS and Sharepoint for mandatory data classification and protection, as well as dynamically applying content and context aware DLP rules to emails even if they are created using the Outlook Web Access interface.

In concert with Microsoft’s releases and roadmap, RightsWATCH is also now fully compatible with the most up to date versions of Windows, Office, SharePoint and Windows Server.


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